Prototype V2 cold side intercooler pipe. Much happier with this design. Just need to make it in Titanium now! #mooses15  

New DBA rotors 350mm Front 322mm Rear with Drum brake for handbrake #mooses15  

Got Brakes? Evo 10 brembo rears to go with the already purchased CTS-V fronts. #mooses15

Titanium cooler pipe tacked up #mooses15  

Mid pipe #mooses15

R34 GTR Ruapuna Pursuit Sprints #mooses15

Radiator in final position with braced and gusseted K frame. #mooses15

Thanks Titanium Joe! #mooses15

Fans on. #mooses15

Electric power steering pump from 2013 Pathfinder. Should do the trick. Has the controller built in. #mooses15


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