Titanium cooler pipe tacked up #mooses15  

Mid pipe #mooses15

R34 GTR Ruapuna Pursuit Sprints #mooses15

Radiator in final position with braced and gusseted K frame. #mooses15

Thanks Titanium Joe! #mooses15

Fans on. #mooses15

Electric power steering pump from 2013 Pathfinder. Should do the trick. Has the controller built in. #mooses15

350z throttle pedal vs S15 on right. 350z pedal with position sensor bolts in to S15 with no issue. Just need to modify the lower shape of the pedal to match S15 position. #mooses15

We finished Trev's carbon quarter window. Used resin infusion process. #mooses15

Version 2 exhaust dump pipe. Better position for wg clearance and fitment. #mooses15


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